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Voice-Activated Device Opens Doors
Open Says MeTM is a voice-activated device that makes it possible to open doors, drawers and more, completely hands-free.
    This innovative product was designed by a disabled veteran for use by others with disabilities or who need to mitigate the transmission of germs. It’s a practical device for use in public restrooms, assisted living facilities, and workplaces where expediency and safety are high priorities.
    “Most of us open doors and turn on faucets several times a day. We don’t give these simple routine motions much thought unless we’re in a public restroom that hasn’t been cleaned in a while,” says Jack Botu, Open Says Me founder and inventor. “However, for seniors, people with limited mobility or disabilities, this can be an everyday challenge. The need for cleanliness and safety is also higher than ever in shared spaces. This is where Open Says Me comes in.”
    The device pairs with the Amazon Alexa™ or Echo™ and operates through a secure Zigbee™ wireless network, ensuring your connection stays safe from hackers.
    Not only will Open Says Me open doors remotely, but it can also be programmed to restrict access through a passcode, keep logs and send notifications about those passing through, and photograph every person who operates it. The device can be reprogrammed multiple times to accommodate different voice commands. It’s designed for durability and to withstand thousands of uses without failure.
    Open Says Me devices are easy to install. The control unit can be placed up to 100-ft. away from the door it operates, and the openers can typically be installed within 20 min., usually without making permanent holes.
    At publication, Open Says Me is not available for purchase but should be on the market soon.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Open Says Me LLC, Colo. (ph 303-918-3355; info@opensaysmellc.com; www.opensaysmellc.com).

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