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Device Stops The Hiccups Fast
If you or your children get the hiccups often, you may want to invest in a strange-looking L-shaped straw called the HiccAway, created by a University of Texas doctor.
I’ve actually been hoping to get the hiccups since I purchased one to give you a first-hand report. But even though I haven’t needed it, there appear to be plenty of positive reviews of HiccAway on Amazon.
It’s easy to use. Line up the bottom cap with a tiny hole on the line for adults or children. The hole for an adult is smaller than the hole for a child. Then put the straw in a partially filled glass of water and immediately sip and swallow water in the same breath. Repeat two or three times without stopping. According to HiccAway, it stops hiccups immediately for more than 90 percent of users.
The medical explanation is that the intense sipping generates pressure to lower the diaphragm and activate a flap in the throat, which stimulates the phrenic and vagus nerves that cause hiccups. All that resets the brain to stop the hiccups.
Dr. Ali Seifi, who works with patients with neurological injuries, was inspired to develop the HiccAway, a “Forced Inspiratory Suction and Swallow Tool”, after his son got the hiccups trying to sip through a McDonald’s McFlurry spoon. The square, hollow top of the spoon is designed to mix the dessert, not for drinking.
Dr. Seifi adapted the idea to create his U.S.-made, patent-pending HiccAway. It recently received attention on television’s Shark Tank in January 2022, when Mark Cuban made an investment offer.
HiccAway sells for $14 and is available through the company’s website, www.hiccaway.com, and at Amazon, Walmart and other retailers.

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