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Replacement Header Auger Boosts Combine Performance
Tyler Wiebe of Thunderstruck Ag Sales says the new Typhoon harvesting header drum auger can harvest up to 50 percent faster in difficult crops.
Mic Fels, an Australian farmer and innovator, came up with the idea for the unique auger in 2016 due to the need for a better canola header on Australian farms.
Wiebe says the popular MacDon headers sometimes have a problem feeding heavy crops into a combine as their existing drums are designed with a large diameter.
“They can hinder the flow and spread of the crop throughout the feeder housing of the combine,” Wiebe says. “The Typhoon drum is smaller in diameter.”
Extended paddle flights are also added as well as the number of fingers increased from the typical 13 to 25. Fingers are solid steel and feature a quick-set timing adjustment on the drum to fine-tune their aggressiveness for bulky or light crops.
“The chain-driven drum can be controlled at the farmer’s discretion,” Wiebe says. “With the narrower barrel and the additional fingers, the extended paddle flighting works together to bring in the crop more aggressively across the full width of the feeder house. It streamlines the crop flow into the combine and gives a more consistent feel in the performance of the machine.”
The Typhoon is compatible with any FD70, FD75, FD1 and FD2 MacDon header using adapters. Thunderstruck is also releasing Typhoon models for Deere 600 and 700 model headers.
Wiebe says installations are straightforward and can be done within a couple of hours at the Thunderstruck Ag shop or by MacDon dealerships. Many farmers complete the work themselves.
“The nice thing with the MacDon set up and our Typhoons is we’re sliding out the existing drum from its holder bracket and the Typhoon fits exactly into the same bracket. It’s a plug-and-play scenario.”
For North American buyers, the Typhoon sells for $6,950 U.S. or Canadian dollars, plus S&H.
They are available at the Winkler shop or Norstar Industries located in Rosenort, Manitoba.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tyler Wiebe, Thunderstruck Ag Equipment, 201 South Railway Ave, Winkler, Man., Canada R6W 1J9 (ph 855-752-5525; info@thunderstrucksales.com; www.thunderstruckag.com).

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