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Replacement Teeth Improve Deere Balers
Farmhouse Mechanical Design, LLC has two innovative products to improve efficiency and reduce equipment breakdown with Deere balers.
“The practice of baling cornstalks has been around for decades, but the equipment used to make these bales has remained mostly the same,” says Cory Dillon, company co-founder. “After over 20 years of dealing with tooth breakage, my father Todd decided there had to be a better way.”
Their specialized tool fits on 400 and 500 series Deere round balers. Each tooth is spaced 2.56-in. apart from center to center. While the number of teeth varies per baler, most range from 36 to 48. Each BT-110 comes with a zinc-plated A574 socket head cap screw, hardened steel washer, and grade C lock nut to maintain the connection to the baler.
The replacement baler teeth don’t break like spring-formed metal ones. Each BT-110 has 17 percent more tooth area than standard square-wire factory teeth, making it stronger and capable of picking up more material with each revolution. Thanks to their high tensile alloy steel construction, the teeth prevent bending or yielding prematurely during operation.
“One set of our teeth have endured over 10,000 bales without any breakages,” explains Dillon. “That’s not to say that they can’t break, but field results have shown that they haven’t, unlike the OEM teeth.”
Each tooth is mechanically engaged to the baseplate, eliminating any chance of it falling out of the rubber. This lack of litter in farm fields may potentially reduce hardware disease for cattle in feedlots who accidentally ingest them. The current price is $20 per tooth.
The second product is a straight tooth bar set for Deere round balers. According to the manufacturers, the set offers a 33 percent savings in material costs over the factory split bar design with a center spider.
Overall, this bar set should require less maintenance than OEM split bar design, as removing the center spider element eliminates the need for replacement. All that’s necessary to replace are the cams and rollers - both of which can be changed while the tooth bars remain on the baler.
Each order includes four engineered tooth bars, a hex shaft, custom cam rollers located centrally to absorb the shock load, modified stripper plates for each end, and all hardware necessary for installation.
To purchase, contact the company directly or reach out to the Farmhouse Mechanical Design, LLC dealer network (listed on the website) to start the process.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Farmhouse Mechanical Design, LLC, Arlington, Neb. 68002 (ph 402-278-9544; farmhouse.mechanical@gmail.com; www.fmd-products.com).

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