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Rock Master Bucket Best Buy
††††Richard Gall, Pierz, Minn.: ďThe Kasper Rock Master bucket has cut my rock picking time in half (www.kasperrockmaster.com; 320-630-2712). I purchased the Rock Master in 2013 and used it to break 40 acres of land. Not only is it great for picking rocks, but itís also great for grubbing smaller stumps. The U-shape of the bucket allows the operator to focus on the task at hand rather than a 6-ft. skeleton bucket.
††††ďIíve used many buckets in the past. The most frustrating thing was beating the rocks out all the time as they would get stuck and not allow the dirt to sift out. The design of the rock master doesnít allow rocks to get stuck which saves time and leaves my soil in the field.
††††ďOur soils are a sandy clay loam, and our rocks are thick - basketball size and smaller are the most common, †but we do run into †2 and 3-ft. rocks. The bucket really stands out when it comes to the big rocks because it can be used somewhat like a crowbar. Using the bucket and the leverage of hydraulics you can easily pop a 2-ft. rock thatís completely buried without damaging the bucket.
††††ďAnother great thing about the Rock Master is the amount of rock it can hold. The deep design allows the operator to keep adding rocks without rocks falling out. Also, you can pick in wetter conditions if needed because your focus is on the rock and not a larger area like most other buckets, thus allowing you to pick rocks and not dirt.
††††ďIíve been using this bucket for nearly ten years and have not yet had a crack to weld or any bent iron. Itís a solid rock picking bucket that Iím glad to have as a tool on our farm.Ē

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