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Tire Wrangler Handles Big Tires and Wheels
Handling big farm wheels and tires up to 90-in. dia. is safe and easy with the Tire Wrangler built by a North Dakota company. Owner Bruce Pigeon says the Tire Wrangler works in conjunction with his patented Agra Jack to provide an extremely safe method for changing wheels and tires.
The Tire Wrangler comes ready to be mounted on a skid steer and can also be adapted to loaders and forklifts. He recommends using a skid steer rated between 2,500 and 3,000 lbs. at the head plate. His original model has a 12-volt powered rotator and a second model can be rotated manually.
Pigeon says the Tire Wrangler handles sprayer, tractor or combine tires, and even larger floater tires that weigh 2,000 lbs or more. “The rotator head has 4 hydraulically-operated clamping arms attached to a strong vertical column on the main frame. When those arms are closed securely they’ll hold large tires in any position,” says Pigeon.
The rotating head moves the arms left or right to clear fenders and other obstacles. Hydraulic cylinders open and close the clamps to securely grab and hold large tires and wheels, which can be lifted, inverted, laid down, picked up or stacked from the safety of the operator seat. The hydraulic controls are sensitive and deliberate, so wheels can be easily be aligned on the studs and bolts.
Pigeon says he came up with the Tire Wrangler design after seeing a large clamping machine move stacked cardboard. “The light came on instantly, so I went back to the shop and drew up plans. I built a prototype, modified it somewhat after testing, and now we have two models.” Prices start around $4,400. Contact the company for current pricing. The Tire Wrangler is an ideal complement to the Agra Jack™, another product that Pigeon designed, patented and builds for lifting heavy equipment. “I built that product as an answer to a near tragedy after helping the owner of a new high boy sprayer re-install a partially removed tire. The cribbing he used had partially collapsed, and the wheel was holding on just 3 bolts. As we managed to get the sprayer lifted and the wheel back on, he asked me to build a better jack so he wouldn’t kill himself. That product is now the Agra Jack™.”
The Tire Wrangler is the second part of the system. Says Pigeon, “I engineered both products for safety, and we don’t take any shortcuts in manufacturing. Every device is built, assembled and tested in our facility.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Agra Jack, 341 Railroad Street, Garrison, N. Dak. 58540 (ph 701 463-2959; bwpigeon@restel.com; www.agrajack.com).

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