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Leak Stopper “Good For Everything”
PermaFlex from SANI-TRED is a liquid rubber-like adhesive coating that can seal up just about any surface. Randy Emerick at SANI-TRED says its most important qualities are its penetration and its flexible elongation memory. That means it penetrates deep and can stretch and return to its original shape if bent or twisted. The product is ideal for use where a heavy-duty waterproof surface is needed.
    Emerick says “We get calls all the time from people who ask about sealing the base of grain bins, grain bin roofs, coating things like chicken coop floors, livestock floors and many different surfaces that are prone to corrosion or wear. PermaFlex can be brushed, rolled or sprayed on and will work for all of those applications and many more.”
    Hans Sulzer is a recent customer. “Last spring, I purchased SANI-TRED PermaFlex to seal a cattle water tank. We let it dry for several days before filling the tank with water. Three weeks later the water was only down 1/2 in. due to surface evaporation. Before we sealed it the water would seep down 6 in. per week. We’re very pleased with the results because the tank didn’t leak or seep all summer.”
    It’s available in 4 different colors in quart, gallon and 5-gallon containers. PermaFlex can be purchased direct from the company (www.sanitred.com or call 1-866-784-3308).
    The company has a mini sample pack ($27.95) that contains enough PermaFlex to double coat 7 1/2 sq. ft. and enough Liquid Rubber Base and Thickening Activator mixture to apply a 1-in. bead 2-ft. long. Application instructions with photos and video are on the SANI-TRED website. Emerick says the sample pack has a double your money back satisfaction guarantee, and if the customer places an order in the future, the cost of the sample pack is deducted from the new order.

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