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New Twist On Steering Wheel Spinner
For Utah-based truck driver Doug Andersen, watching TV’s Shark Tank combined with his wife’s good-natured prodding was the inspiration he needed to come up with his “wheel in a wheel”, a new twist on steering wheel spinners.
Spinner design hadn’t changed since their inception in the 1920’s but recently OSHA and different DOT regulations were forcibly discouraging the use of any raised aftermarket steering wheel attachments. Many verified instances showed them falling off, catching on clothes, bruising fingers or wrists, and causing serious accidents.
“I did away with those problems and made my ‘wheel in a wheel’ spinner a central part of the steering wheel itself,” says Andersen.
He explains that he prefers to drive with his hand on an inside spoke of the wheel, and often noticed other truck drivers doing the same. “I thought if I could wrap my hand around a handle that pops up to become a type of spinner, that would be perfect. With my version, I can make a full left or right 360 degrees turn without taking my hand off.”
Andersen says his “wheel in a wheel” meets or exceeds all OSHA and DOT requirements as it’s part of a manufactured steering wheel, isn’t an add-on, and doesn’t stick up to catch on clothes or fingers.
“It pops up maybe a 1/4 in. to unlock. Otherwise, it locks down in any of 6 positions depending on where the driver’s hand position is comfortable. It’s like grabbing a shovel handle - you have much better control with it.”
He envisions his spinner invention working with heavy equipment, forklifts, loaders, yard donkeys, farm equipment and boats. Normally these operators run their machinery with only one hand on the wheel while the other works hydraulic levers or shifts gears, so it will be extremely handy.
Design engineers are in the process of calculating production and manufacturing costs, and Andersen hopes the spinner will hit the market within 8 to 12 mos.
Equipped steering wheels will come in different diameters with a simple hub change for mounting on variable steering columns.
He expects the “wheel in a wheel” spinner to be manufactured in the U.S. and sell in the $250 to $350 range.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Doug Andersen, Utah (falken4522@yahoo.com; www.wheelinawheelspinner.com).

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