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Crop Sensors Designed For Smaller Farms
MidAtlantic Farm Sensors recently introduced scaled-down temperature and humidity sensors that provide smaller operators with the same kinds of sophisticated remote controls that big greenhouse operators take for granted.
Bob Siegfried of MidAtlantic works directly with farmers to help them determine what sensor setup makes the most sense for their business. He is a certified retailer of Monnit sensors, a professional-grade system made in Salt Lake City. These sensors operate on a 900MGz signal with a transmission distance of over a mile, a range unmatched by most competitors.
So long as you have a Wi-Fi router, the gateway plugs into the back through an ethernet connection. Battery backup ensures the system will operate for 24 hrs. during a power failure. Cellular gateways are also available for farms without reliable Wi-Fi.
Most models include an easy-to-use app that lets you monitor the sensors remotely. If temperatures get outside your pre-set range, you’ll get a text alert or phone call. This makes it possible to address the problem before systems go awry by directing someone on-site to check out the situation. “For some farmers, these sensors have given them their first chance in a long while to leave the farm for a few days on vacation,” says Siegfried.
It’s possible to purchase Monnit sensors directly from the company and set them up yourself. But by ordering from MidAtlantic, you receive products that are already optimized and set up for your specific situation, at no additional cost. Once you start a conversation about your farm needs, Siegfried will figure out your precise sensor requirements, down to measuring your property on Google Earth, to determine which system will fit your needs. He programs each sensor before shipping, including creating logins and passwords, so they are ready to go when you receive them.
To date, MidAtlantic customers have put the sensors to use in greenhouses, high tunnels, walk-in coolers, seed starting chambers, and even potato barns. Most farmers can get started for under $500. Once installed, the system requires a subscription that ranges from $39 to $59 per year.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bob Siegfried, MidAtlantic Farm Sensors, LLC, Richmond, Va. 23112 (ph 804 920-5091; bob@midatlanticfarmsensors.com).

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