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He Uses A Kid Quad To Get Around
Bigger isn’t always better, says John Martin, who figured out that inexpensive children’s 4-wheelers are all he needs to get around on his rural McDonald, Tenn., property.
At 5 ft. 7 in. tall and 140 lbs., the 75-year-old says he has no problem fitting into the mini ATVs. They’re ideal for getting him up the driveways to the five buildings set on different hills of his 8-acre property. The child-size models are big enough to haul him and the tools he needs.
The retired clergyman got the idea when he saw a cheap Chinese model at an estate sale. Though it wasn’t running, he figured he could fix it up and let his 11-year-old grandson have fun with it.
“I got it running and decided to fix it for me and not him,” Martin says, explaining that arthritis makes it difficult for him to climb the steep hills on his property.
He removed the motor and other parts and purchased a $99, 3 1/2-hp. Predator motor from Harbor Freight that just fit in the 4-wheeler. He added a centrifugal clutch with a chain gear, a 10 1/2-in. sprocket with a mandrel and a 1 1/2-in. sprocket.
“I geared it way down. At top speed it’s a really fast walk, so that didn’t tempt my grandson at all,” he says.
He used it for a year, and though it starts on the first pull, the 20 or so pulls he made a day started bothering his shoulder. So he started looking for an electric model. When he found one made by Rosso Motors, he was told it was too small for an adult.
“I put an ad on Craig’s List and said I would pay someone $25 just to look at and sit on their Rosso 4-wheeler,” he says. He got a response and traveled about 40 miles to check one out. It carried him just fine so he ordered one for $675 delivered.
Martin usually drives it at medium speed because it is a little top heavy on turns, but he uses high speed to make the hills. With a tray on the front and a cargo box on the back, it easily carries him plus about 15 lbs. of tools.
He selected the model because it has reverse. He’s never run down the battery.
“It takes me anywhere I need to go on my place, and I don’t have to pull a rope. I ride it all day and then plug it in when I go in for the night. In the morning it is all ready to haul me and my tools all over the property,” he says.
Martin notes that there are inexpensive youth models that are slightly bigger that would also work for adults, but not all models have reverse, which is very handy.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John Martin, 1012 Old Alabama Rd. SW, McDonald, Tenn. 37353 (ph 303 941-3778; johnmartin0012@hotmail.com).

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