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Pool Heated With A Stock Tank Heater
Brett Howerton of Longdale, Okla., used a livestock tank water heater to create a heated therapy pool in his backyard.
He wanted to warm up the water in his wife’s pool for his sister to use for water therapy after her hip surgery. He started with an old swimming pool pump and a propane Trojan stock tank heater. Howerton bought a new livestock tank and drilled holes that he fitted with electrical conduit fittings to run 2-in. pvc pipes through.
After priming the water from the pool into the tank, the pump circulated the water back into the pool. Howerton quickly discovered that he had to trick the heater’s thermostat. To keep the heater running he pulled its remote bulb out of the tank and put it in ice water.
“In 5 hrs. we raised the temperature 2 degrees. The concept worked but it would work better in a smaller pool or a hot tub,” he says, noting that it took a while to warm his 16 by 32 by 4 1/2-ft. above-ground pool.
He only spent about $110 on the project and used very little propane.    
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Brett Howerton, 249839 E. Co. Rd, 58, Longdale, Okla. 73744 (ph 580 278-9180; zarahowerton@gmail.com).

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