2021 - Volume #BFS, Issue #21, Page #38
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Horse Salve Helps Heal Woman’s Foot
In September, 2017 Liz Hershberger severely injured her foot in a 4 wheeler accident.
Several bones were broken plus she had extensive soft tissues injuries. The initial phase of the recovery involved 39 days. Her heel bone was surgically repaired with pins. Because of the concern about infection and the strong possibility that her foot may have to be amputated, her wound dressing had to be changed in surgery. The wound was eventually closed with a skin graph.
Liz was sent home after day 39 with instructions to rewrap her foot daily while using a prescription wound product. She wanted a more natural product and chose Miracle Heel, a wound product for horses. It was a Bees Wax & Lanolin base that contained a natural antiseptic and healing agent called propolis and a healing extract from the comfrey plant. It was only necessary to change the bandage every 2 days instead of daily as requested by the doctor.
Her wound did heal but left extensive scarring. Liz works full time on her feet and uses Steuart’s Pain Formula to control the frequent pain she experiences, particularly where her heel bone is pinned.
Because circulation in her foot is impaired, Liz realizes any infection or deterioration could lead to the necessity for an amputation. She does frequent foot soaks and uses daily moisturizers to maintain tissue health. In September of 2020 when she began to experience some skin deterioration on the injured foot she was very concerned. The deteriorated area was growing and Liz began using Miracle Heel on it again. After a week of using Miracle Heel on her foot she could see the affected area was healing, and she decided that it wasn’t necessary to seek medical help for her foot.
Steuart’s Pain Formula uses a unique blend of safe, natural pain fighters to help you reclaim your life and get back to the things you love. No burning or irritation (menthol and capsaicin-free); leaves no odor or residue; stops pain fast. Promotes healing, with no side-effects.
Pain Formula penetrates skin quickly to carry a special extract of the pain relief plant (Arnica) and healing stimulation from the herb Comfrey straight to your source of pain. Steuart’s Comfrey is grown especially for Pain Formula, and it’s extracted using a “first-of-its-kind” proprietary technique. The result is a potent solution like no other for muscle and joint pain; pain sufferers can get back to their favorite activities, stimulate healing, and fight inflammation.         
Mark Newhall, Editor, FARM SHOW: “My dad, who is 94, goes through about 8 bottles of Pain Formula a year. He uses it on his knee every day. He tells me he’s never found anything else that works even a fraction as well as Steuart’s. The direct quote from my dad is, ‘I don’t know how I would get by without Steuart’s Pain Formula.’ Gary Steuart has stopped by the offices of FARM SHOW several times, bringing samples of all his products for our staff to try. We’re all impressed with Gary and his products.”
    June F., Corona, Calif.: “Love your Pain Formula! It’s the only way I can get up and walk the small amounts I am able to. I lost my bottle and boy could I tell the difference! Thank you for this great product.”    
    Sue H., Muskogee, Okla.: “Best thing I have ever found to put on my joints! I keep it right next to my bed and rub it on my knees before I get up.”
    Darla H., Alton, Iowa: “I use Pain Formula when I get a charlie horse in the middle of the night that won’t go away. I get them in my thighs, and after I put this on it goes away and I can get back to sleep without further disturbance.”
    Shirley H., Ishpeming, Mich.: “I read an ad for the Pain Formula where a man said ‘I can sleep through the night’ so I ordered it and have been very happy with it. I have neuropathy in my feet and use it several times a day. Now I can sleep through the night!”
    Roberta R., Dairy Farmer, Warsaw, N.Y.: “I was always looking for something new to help with the pain that comes with “milker’s knees”. I was pleasantly surprised with your product! I have stopped using the prescription that I’ve used for years!”
No-hassle Money Back Guarantee
“If you find that Steuart’s Pain Formula doesn’t give you the relief you need, we want to issue you a prompt, courteous refund - no hassles, catches, or hoops to jump through. You can even use the ENTIRE bottle. Just send back your receipt and empty container, and we’ll refund your payment as soon as possible,” says Steuart.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gary Steuart, Steuart Laboratories, P.O. Box 306, Mabel, Minn. 55954 (ph 877 210-9664; www.steuartlaboratories.com).

Propolis is a glue that bees make to keep the hive sanitary. It is a natural antiseptic agent. It is antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral. Steuart’s wound products contain propolis extract, plus Steuart markets Propolis Tincture for cold and canker sores.

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