2021 - Volume #BFS, Issue #21, Page #37
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Zero-Turn Foot Pedals Less Tiring, Give Better Control
You’ll like this new foot pedal system for zero-turn mowers that puts a lot less strain on shoulders, arms and back than hand levers.
“With the Ergomower concept, you can use your feet, your hands, or both,” explains Harold Newcomb, Ergomower. “Everyone who tries it loves it. I tell people, see it and you believe it; try it and you’ll buy it; use it and you’re hooked.”
Newcomb explains that the reduced stress is all about leverage or the lack thereof. With standard zero-turn levers, you’re constantly pulled forward, leveraging the body against the footrests. With the Ergomower, pressing against the added foot pedals pushes you back and into the seat with no leveraging stress.
Each foot pedal rotates on a steel rod connected by other rods to the drive units on either side of the mower. Pushing on the toe portion of a foot pedal controls forward movement. Pushing down on the heel portion controls reverse. Just as with hand levers, pushing down farther either way controls speed.
Newcomb’s shortened hand levers use an armrest design alongside the operator’s legs. Instead of grabbing a tall lever and pushing it forward, the operator simply pushes down on the hand rest at the front of the short lever. To activate the reverse transmission, simply lift the arm up or press down with the forearm or elbow on the rear of the short lever.
“I use the foot pedals to control the mower and the short hand levers to fine-tune control, especially when going over rough ground.”
Newcomb notes that the foot pedals need very little pressure exerted on them. The weight of the foot and leg on the pedal are almost enough to activate them.  
“I’ve adapted Badboy, Swisher and Cub Cadet zero-turns to foot pedals and short hand levers,” says Newcomb, who is attempting to license or sell the patent to a company.
“A foot controlled zero-turn is great for spraying. I use my feet to control speed and direction, leaving my hands free for the spray wand,” relates Newcomb. “I’ve also used it with a Cyclone Rake to pick up leaves. I just drive along like I’m sitting in an easy chair.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Harold Newcomb, P.O. Box 1353, Pryor, Oklahoma 74362 (ph 918 824-0853; hgnewk@aol.com; www.ergomower.com).

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2021 - Volume #BFS, Issue #21