2021 - Volume #BFS, Issue #21, Page #39
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Dodge Ram Steering Problem Solved
To owners of Dodge Ram trucks from 1994 to 2007.5: Do you have play, wandering or a violent shake when hitting a bump (some call it a “death wobble”)? Then Luke’s Link is your solution. Luke’s Link was developed to permanently solve these problems. Track bar and tie rod ends are the number one cause of the wandering or shake. Luke’s Link converts the ball stud end of these bars to a fully adjustable end. No need to keep buying expensive bars that don’t last when all you need is the ball joint ends.
These kits are fully adjustable, easy to install, and guaranteed for the life of the truck. Luke’s Link has been solving steering problems for 28 years.
Luke’s Link products work on Dodge tie rod ends and track bars as well as Ford tie rod ends and Jeep track bars.

How To Check If Track Bar Or Tie Rod Ends Are Worn
With truck on ground, wheels straight ahead, unlock steering wheel (do not start engine). Have someone rock steering wheel left and right hard while you look at each end of track bar as well as all 4 tie rod ends for any up and down movement. If there is any, you know this is causing play in the steering.

Luke’s Link Track Bar, Tie Rod End Kits 1994-2007.5:
$64.00 each; 4 or more $62.00 each. Poly bushing for Track bar sells for $18.00 each.

Luke’s Link Track Bar bushing set 2003-2007.5 sells for $38.00

For more information, go to: Website: www.lukeslink.com
Cell: 719-468-1906

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2021 - Volume #BFS, Issue #21