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“Head Fan” Designed By Farrier For Farriers
Anyone who shoes horses – or works in any kind of smoky area - will be interested in this new 12-volt “hot fit” fan invented by Reuben Miller, Leesburg, Ind. With a design like a headlamp, its purpose is to blow smoke away from your face as you work.
    The 3-in. dia., sealed bearing fan is attached to an elastic head band mounted on a plastic frame, and enclosed in a hinged plastic box that has an on-off switch and can be tilted up or down. There’s a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack on back of the band.
    Miller is a self-employed Amish farrier who uses a horseshoeing technique called “hot fitting” in which the horse shoe is heated red hot. Then the farrier uses a hot tongs to pick up the shoe and presses it onto the hoof, just long enough to melt the hoof horn to match the foot surface of the horseshoe. The process produces a lot of smoke.
    “I came up with the idea because I didn’t want to breathe in smoke all the time, and because I wanted a clearer view of the hoof and shoe,” says Miller. “Normally I hold the hoof between my legs while bending over, and as I work smoke rolls up my chest and into my face. The hinged plastic box provides the fan with a wide range of movement, and can even be tilted down far enough to blow on your face. The entire unit is well balanced and won’t slide down over your eyes.”
     According to Miller, the fan also can come in handy for other jobs. “For example, if you’re dehorning cattle with an electric iron you can use the fan to blow away smoke that rolls up off the horn stubs,” he says. “It also works great when brushing down a horse that is shedding loose hair and covered in dried mud. Instead of having to step back every few minutes to get away from the dust cloud and grab a breath of fresh air, just use the fan to blow the dust away.”
    The fan with headband and battery retail for $130 plus S&H.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Reuben Miller, 5551 N. 400 W., Leesburg, Ind. 46538 (ph 574 858-0189).

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