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Bucket-Mounted Lift Straps Easy To Install
Harley Willett came up with an easy way to lift and move heavy objects with his 40 hp. loader tractor. He replaced the hydraulic cylinder attach pins on the bucket with 7 12-in. long, 1-in. dia. drawbar hitch pins, with the pin handle facing outside. About 3 in. of the handle is exposed, where he attaches nylon lift straps.
    He recently sent FARM SHOW photos of a 6-ft. long, 2-in. wide sewn loop end strap that he uses to lift his riding mower for service work. The strap is rated at 6,400 lbs. and has a loop at each end. He looped the strap through itself, then hooked it onto the mower’s push bar.
    “I bought the hitch pins and strap at Harbor Freight and use them with my New Holland DC 48 loader tractor equipped with a 6-ft. bucket. I keep finding new uses for them all the time,” says Willett. “For example, lifting and moving 55-gal. barrels, and loading stuff into my pickup.
    “In my opinion, straps are a lot safer to use than chains because the web material absorb shocks. I use only one-piece, heavy duty straps rated for the purpose. When I’m done using the straps I roll them up and store them under the tractor seat.”
    Willett says the straps can hang straight down from the pins, or be rigged across left to right underneath the bucket. “The straps also can be thrown over the top of bucket, and that way the rollback cylinder allows more precise control of the lifting process,” says Willett. “Using straps this way works great with big 25-in. log tongs, because I can retrieve logs without having to get off the tractor.”
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Harley Willett, 6519 Ridgemont Dr., Dallas, Texas 75214 (ph 214 696-4685; harwill99@yahoo.com).

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