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Built-From-Scratch Truck-Mounted Workbench
Instead of bending over to work on equipment, 6-ft. 2-in. tall Konnor Bjelland built a big workbench on back of his service truck that stands more than 1 ft. taller than the small factory bumper it replaced. He built it by welding together 2 steel frames, one off a wrecked combine header, and the other off a wrecked grain drill.
    “It’s mounted on my 2012 Ford F-350 Super Duty 1-ton service truck,” says Bjelland, who farms and also works as a mechanic for a local Deere dealer. “I looked at the workbenches on commercial service trucks and borrowed ideas as I went along.”
    One side of the truck is equipped with a big, electric-hydraulic crane that reaches out up to 20 ft. “I use the crane at work to do field service chores, such as lifting final drive axles off sprayers and combines, and on my farm to lift water tanks and air compressors. The crane often would cause the truck to rock when lifting anything heavy, so I added outrigger jack stands to both ends of the workbench to help keep the truck stable. They fit into receiver hitches that I welded to both ends of the workbench.”
    An 8-in. vise is bolted to the workbench, and a small hinged door with a latch handle is built into both ends for storing tools.
    The workbench is as wide as the truck and measures 14 in. deep by 10 in. tall. Bjelland built it by cutting a 7 by 9-in. chunk of square tubing off the header frame and a length of 6-in. tubing off the drill frame, and then welding them together. The 7 by 9-in. tubing forms the back side of the workbench, and the 6-in. tubing forms the front side. A 3/8-in. thick steel plate was welded on top of both frames.
    To attach the workbench he welded short lengths of 3-in. square tubing on front of the workbench and welded them to factory brackets on the truck’s body.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Konnor Bjelland, 19517 Sollid Rd., Conrad, Mont. 59425 (ph 406 781-5011; Kbjel33@gmail.com).

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