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Lubing Equipment Just Got Easier
LockNLube introduced its grease coupler that locks onto zerks several years ago (Vol. 38, No. 3). Now it has introduced a new grease gun that eliminates the “follower” – the plunger that pushes grease out of the gun.
  LockNLube has also made it easier to relocate zerks and has introduced a mini-gun for precision lubrication without zerks.
  “Our new Easy-Prime grease gun is a collaboration with Pressol, the German company that invented the press-the-bottom oil can in the early 1900’s,” says Jay Boren, LockNLube. “It’s a lever action grease gun that has no follower, and never loses prime. It is lighter, more compact and doesn’t leak.”
  The new grease gun uses vacuum to move grease forward with a follower cap that moves up the cartridge. To use, you remove the pop-top from the grease cartridge, then remove the cap from the other end of the cartridge, and push a plastic follower cap into the tube and against the grease. You then thread the barrel into the pump head, and pump the lever to create the needed vacuum. Continued pumping pulls the grease and the follower cap up the tube.
  List price on the Easy-Prime Grease Gun with zerk lock is $94.99.
  LockNLube’s Magnetic Zerk Grease Relocation Block makes grease zerks more accessible. Simply replace up to 2 male zerks with female zerk fittings, attach high-pressure grease hoses, and run them to the machined aluminum block. The relocation block is priced at $34.99.
  “The rare earth magnet on the block makes it easy to mount to your machine and it stays put,” says Boren. “If used with a single fitting, and our 12-in. relocation kit, you’ll spend less than $50 to relocate a zerk.”
  A third new product from the company offers exacting lubrication for machining tools, impact and air tools, firearms, bikes, and home use. It is available with a needle tip or zerk tip and can be operated with one hand. The Lubrication/Injection Gun can be threaded to 9/16-in. grease tubes. Simply remove the cap and screw on the gun. “The Lubrication/Injection Gun is designed for use with high value grease, but you can also use it with a standard grease cartridge,” says Boren. “The machined brass tip lets you apply lubricant anywhere it is needed.”
  An adapter head and sleeve allow the gun to be used with bulk grease or with a threaded cartridge. It’s priced at $29.99.
  FARM SHOW had an opportunity to try out the new guns and check out the relocation block. All the equipment worked as described, definitely making lubrication a much easier job.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, LockNLube, 21 Technology Drive #2, West Lebanon, N.H. 03784 (ph 603 795-2298; info@locknlube.com; www.locknlube.com)

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