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Portable “Floating” Cattle Guard
“There’s no need to dig a pit and no weight limit with my new portable Manitoba gate. You can pick it up and easily move it around with a bale fork,” says Wyatt Van Damme, Triple Pass Welding, Belmont, Manitoba.
    Made from oilfield pipe, the Manitoba Gate is available in 9 and 16-ft. widths. It comes with an outer frame and a floating, spring-loaded inner frame which presses against the ground when driven onto, then pops back up once the vehicle passes. Four springs attach to the gate’s 4 corner posts, and stabilizer bars attach to 2 middle posts to keep the gate from rocking as you drive over it.
    “The springs keep the inner frame about 6 in. off the ground until you drive onto it. Then the frame pushes against the ground, and once you drive over it the frame pops right back up again,” says Van Damme. “The inner frame’s height can be adjusted at 4 different settings, including all the way down to the ground, by just pulling a pin.
    “Heavy trucks won’t bend the pipes. One of my customers has set his gate up at a gravel pit in his pasture, where a county gravel trailer constantly drives over the gate day in and day out with no problems.”
    The 9-ft. Manitoba gate sells for $900 plus S&H and the 16-ft. gate for $1,600 plus S&H.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup: Wyatt Van Damme, Triple Pass Welding, P.O. Box 221, Belmont, Manitoba Canada R0K 0C0 (ph 204 523-0446; triplepasswelding@yahoo.ca).

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