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Spreader Makes Adding Compost Easier
Earth & Turf’s new raised bed spreader takes the manual labor out of adding compost to home and farmers market gardens.
    With 6-in. clearance that straddles about 36-in., the spreader is ideal for long rows of raised beds, says John Bentley, who developed the product a couple of years ago, based on input from market gardeners. The third and final prototype went into production in late 2018.
    “Compost kicks out the front so you can watch behind you,” Bentley says. “To spread, release a spring-loaded pin that turns the clutch mechanism to move the 30-in. wide conveyor belt forward. The depth of the material being spread can be adjusted from 1/8 to 1-in. ”
    The 6.5 cu. ft. box is made of stainless steel so it is lighter and lasts up to three times longer than mild steel. The box can handle heavier loads, such as sand, wood chips or other landscaping products. It’s big enough to hold enough compost to spread 3/8-in. deep on a 100-ft. row. The spreader has a tall sidewall option that can hold up to 15 cu. ft. of heaped compost, Bentley adds.
    It’s available through BCS with a special hitch for BCS 2-wheel tractors that market gardeners use. The spreader is also sold with a lawn and garden tractor hitch through Earth &Turf, the company Bentley recently sold, that offers a variety of sizes and types of U.S.-made top dressers and spreaders. Cost for the raised bed spreader is less than $2,000.
    “It also works on lawns or flat gardens for landscaping or putting compost on rows,” Bentley adds. “We try to make simple, well-built products that will last. We’re all about function and simplicity.”
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Earth & Turf Products, LLC, 1867 Kirkwood Pike Kirkwood, PA 17536 (ph 888 693-2638; www.earthandturf.com; info@earthandturf.com).

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