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Skid Steer Boom Outworks Boom Truck
We spotted this boom at a recent farm show and learned that anything most boom trucks can do, the skid steer-mounted Tele-Boom can do even better. The boom extends from its 8-ft., 6-in. retracted length to a 30-ft. maximum height. It is as handy as a boom crane as it is for tree trimming, fitting into places a boom truck can’t go.
“The Tele-Boom is a well-proven product that has been in use for many years,” says Brandy Edland, Sheyenne Tooling & Manufacturing. “It is a long life product. We rarely get a request for parts, and if so, it’s more likely to be something that was lost, not broken.”
Lift capacity depends on the size of the skid steer, but requires only 4 gpm at 600 psi. The attachment requires only one hydraulic outlet and has multiple add-on tools, including a pallet carrier, a storage bin to position and hold tools for workers, and a sheet carrier to move 4 by 8-ft. sheets as well as dimension lumber.
Other options include a Tele-Saw for 1-man tree trimming. The 21-in. chainsaw is controlled from the seat of the skid steer and can be rotated 350 degrees for exact cuts, while the bar travels a full 90 degrees for cuts.
The Tele-Boom comes standard with an end hook, two 2 by 48-in. tie-rod cylinders, and hydraulic hoses. It is available from dealers within a 3-state area or direct from the company. Suggested retail price is $5,460.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Sheyenne Tooling & Manufacturing, 901 Burrel Ave. SE, Cooperstown, N. Dak. 58425 (ph 701 797-2700; toll free 800 797-1883; www.sheyennemfg.com).

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