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“Redneck” Water Heater Great For Butchering Chickens
With an old water heater and a truck tire rim stove, Lee Treml and his neighbor have plenty of hot water for scalding butchered chickens. Instead of buying propane for heating water, they use scrap firewood.
Treml was inspired by a FARM SHOW article about someone making a water heater out of a fuel tank.
“It’s very solid and sturdy because the metal of the water heater fits snug into the tire rim,” Treml says, adding that the heater also has a pressure relief valve for safety.
He welded four rims together and cut a door into one of them. A small stove pipe fits in the center, replacing the water heater’s center tube. Water runs into the heater through a garden hose and hot water comes out through another hose.
“We heat water up to 165 degrees and put it in a sink and add cold water to take it to 150 degrees for scalding birds,” Treml says.
It keeps enough hot water coming to do 50 birds each session, which used to take 1 1/2 20-lb. LP tanks of fuel. The wood-fueled heater saves quite a bit of money, as he butchers 200 chickens over 4 days.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lee Treml, Luxemburg, Wis.

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