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Compressor-Mounted Hose Reel Swivels In Any Direction
“A few years ago I mounted a hose reel on my horizontal air tank compressor, so that if I needed to move the compressor to a different location my hose reel was always with me. Since then I’ve replaced the horizontal compressor with a vertical one, and made a rod-mounted swivel for the hose reel that makes it easy to pull the hose out from any direction,” says Donald Chapman, Billings, Mo.
    The hose reel is mounted above the compressor on a vertical metal rod that attaches to the compressor. Chapman cut the hub off a wheelbarrow axle and mounted a bearing on each end. He welded the hub to a metal plate and bolted the plate onto the hose reel mounting bracket, then slid the hub over the rod. The hub rests on a big washer which sets on top of a short metal pin that runs through the rod.
    “The swivel allows the hose reel mounting bracket to rotate sideways in any direction so that the hose reel will follow with me as I pull out the hose. I use the compressor a lot in my shop to operate various tools, so this idea really comes in handy,” says Chapman.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Donald Chapman, 6212 South Farm Road 25, Billings, Mo. 65610 (ph 417 714-0232; simplydon@outlook.com).

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