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2-Row Rotary Head Cuts Across Rows
You can chop with the row, across the row or on a diagonal with the new 2-row head from Horning Mfg. The rotary blade, which is wide enough to take 2 rows at a time, eliminates concern over row spacing and row direction.
  “You can test different row spacings without finding a matching head, and you don’t have to worry about gathering chains lining up with the row or even staying on the row,” says David Horning, Horning Mfg. “It gives you the option of doing narrow-row or solid-seeded crops planted with an air seeder or drill. It will cut sorghum or small grains, as well as low-profile downed crops.”
  The company previously introduced a 3-row head with 2 cutting blades for high-acre operators cutting upwards of 800 acres a year. The single blade, 2-row unit is a lower-cost unit designed for fewer acres and for low maintenance. It has a heavy-duty gearbox with over-running clutch.
  “It’s a very simple head with not a lot to go wrong,” says Horning. “The #60 drive chain runs below the cut-off disc. Even if something comes apart in the drive system, parts won’t end up in the silage.”
  The 60-in. wide mouth of the head consists mostly of a stack of discs, 2 of which are mounted to a drum with large teeth to gather and direct vegetation as it is cut into the feeder housing. A single blade mounted below the drum does the cutting. Horning explains that the gathering discs revolve at a slightly lower rpm than the cutting blade.
  The cutting blade on the Horning head is also designed for ease of maintenance. It has 4 replaceable sections of hardened cutting teeth. The alternating colors of black and yellow make it easier to judge speed.
  After 4 years of testing prototypes, Horning is confident the corn head will find a market. “We’ve had a number of farmers who ran prototypes in their fields during the past year place orders,” he says.
  The 2-row head is priced at $10,500.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Horning Mfg., 301 Twin Springs Ct., New Holland, Penn. 17557 (ph 717 354-5040; horningmfg@ibyfax.com; www.horningmfg.com).

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