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After-Market Ignition Module For Old Tecumsehs
If your reliable, older model Tecumseh engine won’t start, a drop-in TCDI (Tecumseh Capacitive Discharge Ignition) from Overnight Solutions may be the answer. As the only bolt-in replacement available, the TCDI replaces the NLA 610748, 610855 and 610906 found on 10 hp. flat-heads through 18 hp. overhead valve models.
  Dale Colvert, Overnight Solutions, says the original has an aluminum housing containing all the heat-retaining elements. If any single component goes bad, the entire unit becomes a throwaway. His TCDI has all of the elements out where they have plenty of air circulation and can be replaced individually if anything fails.
  “Since 2012, I’ve sold them from Israel to Jamaica and anywhere else the engines can be found,” he says. “Those engines were used on everything from railroad track service cars and ATV’s to garden tractors and Miller welders.”
  Colvert says his TCDI works just like the original, but likely costs less than if the company was still making them.
  Most of the engines his TCDI is made for are 30 to 40 years old, but are still serviceable and often times constructed better than today’s offerings. However, one bad part can make the engine worthless.   Colvert is confident he has improved on the original ignition module. Most machines like the mini-dozer have an ignition switch to allow the CDI to operate. When the switch is working properly, it is open for running or grounded to starve the circuit of energy and kill the motor.
  “Since the ignition switch has 12 volts on it for accessories and solenoid operation, these older switches go leaky, which can put the 12 volts where it is not wanted and not acceptable,” he explains. “If it sends 12 volts to the semiconductor in the CDI, it will blow out. Twelve volts should never be involved with a CDI system.”
  Colvert’s TCDI kits come with a diode to protect the CDI from 12-volt damage. “With a silver band at one end facing the ignition switch, the diode stops the stray energy from going on to the CDI. While blocking 12 volts, it still allows current to find its way to ground when the switch is in the off position,” adds Colvert.
  The TCDI is available on eBay for $169.95. It is also available direct from Overnight Solutions for $149.95, domestic shipping included.
  Contact:  FARM SHOW Followup, Dale Colvert, P.O. Box 3004, Merton, Wis. 53056 (ph 262 391-6670; dale_colvert@yahoo.com; www.overnight-solutions.com).

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