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Outside File Cabinets Hold Tools, Parts
“I bought a bunch of used office file cabinets and attached them to an outside wall of my shop. They really work great to hold parts and tools,” says Keith Bleicher, Shushan, N.Y.    
    Bleicher found the cabinets on Craigslist and bought others at an estate sale. Each cabinet came with 4 drawers and measures 52 in. high, 30 in. wide, and 18 in. deep. The drawers are 12 in. high and 16 in. deep.        He parked the cabinets along the entire east wall of his 25-ft. long shop on a gravel base covered with sheets of diamond plate steel, setting the cabinets on 6-in. high blocks to keep the bottoms from rusting.
    Bleicher has purchased 8 cabinets so far, but says he plans to end up with about 16 in all. A 3-ft. overhang on the shop wall covers all the cabinets. He plans to add sliding doors under the overhang to enclose the cabinets.
    “I’m far from done putting this system together, but already it has made a big difference in helping keep my tools and parts organized. It makes my entire outside shop work area much more enjoyable to work in,” says Bleicher, an electrical designer, licensed master electrician and overhead crane technician who for more than 40 years has also worked as a backyard welder and mechanical designer. He says he owns at least $25,000 worth of small shop tools.
    “I often work outside the shop, and in the past if I was in a hurry or dodging storms I would sometimes leave tools and leftover parts outside in my yard or on the driveway, and then later have to drag them all back into the shop. With the cabinets outdoors and out of the weather I’ll able to access whatever I need. And everything is labeled so I’m able to find what I need quickly.
     “The used cabinets were in great shape and I was able to buy them for $40 apiece, whereas new comparable cabinets would normally retail for about $700 each. The estate that sold them owned an accounting business that was going digital, so they no longer had use for them.”    
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Keith Bleicher, P.O. Box 201, Shushan, N.Y. 12873 (ph 518 854-3448; elecktek@gmail.com).

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