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Raised Bush Hog Makes Blade Sharpening Easy
Gabriel Davidson, Annandale, Minn., recently sent FARM SHOW photos of how he raises the deck on his 3-pt. mounted, 5-ft. bush hog. It lets him use a rotary grinder to quickly sharpen the blades.
  “I disconnect the upper link arm from the tractor 3-pt. and also disconnect the mower pto shaft. Then I pin a clevis hitch onto the tractor drawbar and run a hitch pin through the mower’s upper link arm,” says Davidson. “I hook a long chain onto the clevis, then run it up and over the pin in the upper link arm and back toward the rear end of the deck where I hook it up to the frame.”
  Slowly raising the tractor’s 3-pt. will lift the back end of the mower high enough to comfortably work on the blades. “As a safety precaution I jam a 4 by 4 under the mower deck, as well as a 55-gal. barrel, to prevent the deck from falling. Placing a tractor seat cushion on a 5-gal. pail provides a comfortable working position when sharpening the blades.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gabriel Davidson, P.O. Box 61, Annandale, Minn. 55302 (ph 320 274-8133).

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