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Walk-Behind Brush Cutter Goes Where A Tractor Can’t
The self-propelled, walk-behind, rotary brush cutter from Peco can take down 6-in. saplings, thick grass and tough vines. It can climb a 40 percent grade and slip between and around trees thanks to its zero-turn radius. Ideal for trail maintenance, the Brush Blazer can clip grass, weeds and saplings to within 3 in. of the ground.

    “I’ve gone up a 35 to 40 percent grade in the rain while demonstrating the Brush Blazer,” says Michael Bender, Peco, Inc. “The main markets for it are municipalities, utilities and rights of way companies, in addition to landscapers who are into brush clearing. We also sell quite a few to landowners, especially recreational landowners.”

    The Brush Blazer has a 2-disc/6-flail blade system. The two 1/2-in. thick steel discs each carry 3 hammers. Each hammer has 2 hardened steel flails and a carbide stump grinder tooth. The flails are 3 in. wide and 3/8 in. thick.

    Each disc weighs 48 lbs., providing strength and momentum to cut through the toughest brush. It cuts a 48-in. wide swath through most foliage on vines, bushes and thicker, more compact brush.

    “It has a wide variety of applications with no attachments,” notes Bender.

    Built to handle heavy brush, the Brush Blazer is fabricated with 3/16-in. steel with reinforced 7-gauge steel for the deck and chassis. Although it weighs in at 1,200 lbs., the tracks deliver only 3 lbs. per sq. in. ground pressure.

    The Brush Blazer is as compact as it is strong. Overall width is 55 1/2 in., and overall height is 43 1/2 in. Total length is 94 in.

    Bender has his demonstrator model outfitted with a 3,000-lb. winch. “It has gotten me out of a million scrapes,” says Bender. “I recommend at least a 2,500 to 3,000-lb. winch, twice the weight of the machine.”

    The Brush Blazer comes in 2 models. The 27 hp. Kohler EFI is priced at $14,995, as is the 36 hp. Briggs and Stratton. At this time, Bender notes there isn’t much difference between the two.

    “The EFI is much better on grade than the carbureted version,” says Bender. “We will be going to a 37 EFI by Briggs and Stratton. Then there will be a vast power difference between it and the 27 hp. Kohler.”

    Check out a video of the Brush Blazer at FARMSHOW.com.

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Brush Blazer, 10 Walden Dr., Arden, N.C. 28704 (ph 847 702-7722; toll free 800 438-5823; info@brushblazer.com; www.brushblazer.com).

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