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Weed Burner Cart Carries Propane, Water
“I mounted an inexpensive Harbor Freight propane torch flame weeder on an old hand cart, and find that it works great to control weeds on my property. It’s easier to use than a backpack flame weeder, and it costs much less to operate than using Roundup,” says Eric Holmes, Mount Hermon, La.
  The propane torch is designed to attach by hose to a standard 20-lb. propane tank, which the operator normally carries with him. Holmes already had a 2-wheeled hand cart that had a broken wheel. He removed the wheel and mounted the big rear wheels off an old push mower onto the cart for easier rolling on rough ground. The wheels are connected by an axle made out of aluminum round stock.
  The propane tank is secured to the bottom of the cart by a bungie cord. Holmes U-bolted a Harbor Freight 4-gal. backpack sprayer water tank equipped with a hand pump on back of the cart for fire control, clamping the tank’s carrying handle onto a cross bar between the cart handles.
  “I put it together last spring and use it to control weeds along a 90-ft. long barrier located next to a dirt road on my property. The barrier is made out of old tires, and by spraying water onto the tires’ bottom edges I don’t have to worry that they’ll catch fire,” says Holmes. “I can use the torch one day, and when I wake up the next morning the vegetation will be brown and dead.”
  Holmes says the propane weed burner cart saves him a lot of money compared to using Roundup. “Roundup costs about $20 per gal., and it takes about 2 gal. to spray my fence line one time. I would need to spray 3 times per season at a total cost of about $120. But using the flame weeder and a 20-lb. propane tank, I can make 10 passes along the same fence before the tank will be empty. A new replacement tank costs only about $18.”
  Holmes paid about $20 for the torch. “My total cost for the torch, propane tank, and backpack water tank was only about $60.”
   He replaced the backpack sprayer’s original handle with a shorter one in order to save space. “I only fill the water tank about half full in order to keep the cart from tipping over backward,” notes Holmes.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Eric Holmes, 36239 Hwy. 38, Mount Hermon, La. 70450 (ph 985 877-4601; holmeseric19@yahoo.com).

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