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Mower “Chain Guard” Replaces Discharge Chute
Al Robbins, Friendswood, Texas, got tired of the grass discharge chute on his riding mower getting in the way all the time, so he replaced it with a homemade “chain guard” that results in easier trimming and parking in tight areas.
  It consists of a series of short galvanized steel chains mounted on a length of all-thread rod, with the chains free to swing back and forth.
  “It stops stones from flying out but lets the grass clippings go through. I wouldn’t want to cut grass without it,” says Robbins. “Because there’s no discharge chute I can mow around trees on either side.”
    Robbins has made 2 chain guards, one for a Deere ZTrak zero-turn riding mower and the other a Sears Craftsman GT 5000 riding mower.
  He removes the discharge chute and bolts on a 12 to 16-in. length of angle iron in its place using existing holes. Both ends of the angle iron are bent to make “tabs” that accept a length of all-thread rod, to which the chains are attached. Robbins slips the chains over the rod, mounting 1/2-in. wide rubber spacers between them to hold them in place.
  “It works great. It doesn’t clog up with grass any more than a conventional discharge chute,” says Robbins. “If the grass is real thick and tall I just back up a bit, or raise the mower deck and start over. The hardest part is cutting the chains to just the right length and spacing. There has to be enough room between the chains for the grass clippings to go through, and the chains have to be short enough to avoid dragging and then hitting the blade tips. Most of the time I use 3 links per chain. The spacers help keep the chains from getting tangled. I made them by cutting up a reinforced rubber hose.”
  Robbins says he’s willing to build chain guards for others if there’s enough interest.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Al Robbins, 1004 Briar Creek, Friendswood, Texas 77546 (ph 713 818-9898; a.robbins@askco.com).

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