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Cow Manure Processed Into A Premium, Pelleted Fertilizer
Midwest BioAg turns plain old cow manure into a premium plant food. Unlike raw manure, which can vary in nutrient levels, every granule of TerraNu provides a uniform package of nutrients.
  “TerraNu is 40 to 50 percent manure and yet local ag retailers can run it through standard fertilizer handling equipment,” says Jim Krebsbach, vice president, Midwest BioAg. “It can be blended with urea or other fertilizers and precision-applied or broadcast. You can’t do that with raw manure.”
  The manure that goes into TerraNu has had its water and fiber removed. Nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, as well as micronutrients, are added to the manure and then it’s granulated. The manure base is what sets TerraNu apart. It feeds the microbes that pull the nutrients into the soil biology for short and long-term availability, explains Krebsbach.
  Initial sales of the product will be concentrated in the Midwest, close to the company’s production center at Fair Oaks Dairy in northwest Indiana. Some targeted marketing will take place on the East Coast and in Florida.
  “We are exploring opportunities with partners and cropping systems,” says Krebsbach.
  That exploration includes other dairies for source material. However, not just any dairy will do. Like Fair Oaks, they have to produce enough manure to make it worthwhile for Midwest BioAg to build a processing facility.
  “We need a dairy or combination of dairies with at least 13,000 to 15,000 cows before we can consider putting a plant in the area,” says Krebsbach. “And the manure has to have gone through an anaerobic digester. It eliminates a lot of the odor.”
  Midwest BioAg is currently marketing several variations of their manure-based product. “We will be benchmarking our products against similar products. However, as a biological stimulant, TerraNu will be marketed at a premium over the cost of NPK,” says Krebsbach.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Midwest BioAg, 918 Deming Way, Suite 200, Madison, Wis. 53717 (ph toll free 800 327-6012; www.midwesternbioag.com/terranu

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