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Easy Way To Unload Dirt From A Pickup
“My self-unloading dirt scraper lets me quickly unload large quantities of dirt from my pickup. I just hook a cable to a chain that’s attached to a tree or other support and drive away,” says Philip Whitmoyer, Leesport, Penn.    
    He came up with the idea because he had some excavating to do near his house that wasn’t accessible with large equipment, and he had to travel a ways to dispose of the dirt. His pickup was small enough to reach the area, but had one limitation. “I didn’t mind loading dirt by hand into the pickup and hauling it away, but I really didn’t want to unload it as well,” says Whitmoyer.
    To make the dirt scraper, he placed a metal shelf between the wheel wells and reinforced it with a 2 by 8 board. Then he threaded a looped cable through 2 holes drilled low into the shelf and board.
    “Once I had a load on the pickup, I just backed up to where I wanted to dump the ground, hooked the cable to a chain attached to a tree, and drove away,” says Whitmoyer. “Dumping the dirt onto the cable keeps the shelf from sliding up and over the pile as the truck unloads.
    “I was surprised at how little soil remained in the pickup bed after I drove away. What little did remain I was able to sweep off in short order.”
    Whitmoyer says he saved time, and when he was done there were no big wheel ruts in his lawn and no other major clean-up work to do. “If I ever have to do any other small dirt-hauling projects near our house again, I’ll use the same idea,” he says.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Philip Whitmoyer, 236 Ziegler Road, Leesport, Penn. 19533 (ph 610 926-1014; pewhitmo@epix.net).

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