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Armored Double Mailbox Swings Freely On Post
“My double mailbox is protected against vandals and also swings out of the way if hit,” says Dale Voigt, Cable, Wis.

    The double mailbox stand is made from a short length of 3-in. pipe that forms the main vertical support, with a smaller 2-in. pipe welded to it at a 45 degree angle. A pipe cap is screwed onto the end of the pipe. A 2 1/4-in. pipe fits loosely over the angled 2-in. pipe and is welded to a horizontal support that holds the mailboxes, which are screwed to a steel plate and protected by a rectangular frame made from 2-in. angle iron.

    “It eliminates damage to mailboxes caused by snowplows or vandals,” says Voigt. “The mailboxes just swing to the side and fall back in place due to gravity.

    “There’s enough clearance for the snowplow driver to run his wing blade right under the mailboxes, which saves a lot of snow shoveling for us during the winter. Yellow marker tape on the frame makes it safe. A small chain keeps the boxes from rotating all the way around. My mail carrier says these are the best mailboxes on his route.”

       Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dale Voigt, 16235 Frels Rd., Cable, Wis. 54821 (ph 715 584-0006; dandbvoigt@gmail.com).

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