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Pressure Cooker “Safety Valve”
“I’ve been making this safety gadget for pressure cookers for a few years and thought your readers could benefit from it,” says David Weaver, Mio, Mich.
  “Women often use steamers to make grape juice, apple juice, etc. Once it’s done cooking, the juice is steaming hot and the steamers come with only a small wire clip to pinch the hose to stop the flow. The hose and clip all become very hot. Using gloves or pot holders to fill jars isn’t exactly safe, and you have to be careful not to get burned.
  “I came up with a free standing system that can be set inside a pan, so if a jar ever breaks all of its contents will be contained.”
  The system uses a long transparent plastic hose, attached at one end to the pressure cooker and at the other end to a fluid shut-off valve. The valve is fastened to the top of a tall metal stand welded to a 5-in. sq., 3/8-in. thick base for stability. The jar to be filled sets on the stand underneath the hose. Turning the valve releases the liquid into the jar.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, David Weaver, 223 E. Kittle Rd., Mio, Mich. 48647 (ph 989 848-7510).

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