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Stool Puts Disabled Man In Van Seat
Bill Weicker, Plattsville, Ontario, needed a way to get his father into his van without needing help from anyone else. Fortunately, an Amish furniture maker’s work gave his father a lift, both physically and mentally.
  “About 5 years ago my father went through a serious skin cancer operation on his face,” says Weicker. “After radiation he was very weak. He could stand, but he couldn’t walk. We looked at ways to get my father in and out of his van. I didn’t want to spend the money for a specially-designed van, but I did have the idea to build an adjustable stool with hinged wings.
  “I took the idea to an Amish furniture maker who is deaf. Through his wife using hand signs, the man was able to build this wooden stool on the first try for less than $100. Amazing!”
  The 4-legged stool is made of solid pine and has a long hinged wing on each side. By pulling a pin, the operator can adjust the stool’s height to the level of the van seat.
  “The pin slides into a hole in the stool’s main frame. One of the wings is then raised and placed on the car seat,” explains Weicker. “The person getting into the van sits down on the stool and then slides over to the van seat. The stool is then pulled away from the seat, and the wing automatically drops to the side. If the disabled person can’t stand, then the wing on the other side of the stool is placed on the wheelchair and the person slides all the way across to the seat.”
  Weicker says they’ve used the stool for 4 years. “It works amazingly well. We also have another stool like this one in the bathroom. We have a lift for my father to use in his whirlpool bath, and we use the stool to transfer him from the stool to the bath lift.
  “My Amish friend tells me he could build the stool with caster wheels to use in nursing homes. This stool design is something that’s brand new, and I wanted to give it a long test run before I considered offering it to the public. It has passed the test of time with flying colors.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bill Weicker, RR 1, Oxford-Waterloo Road, 966584 – Plattsville, Ontario, Canada N0J 1S0 (ph 519 662-2316).

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