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“Deflector” Apron Stops Trash Buildup
“Some ideas are so simple a person has to wonder why they weren’t thought of years ago. That’s the case with the Debris Deflector, a simple piece of 4 by 4-ft. vinyl that mounts above the feederhouse on a combine. I saw one installed on a machine last year and ordered one on the spot for my Deere combine. Two bolts with strong springs secure the top end of the deflector to the steps that extend out from both sides of the cab. The bottom is held in place by 2 large magnets that attach to the top front edge of our bean platform or cornhead. When the platform and cornhead are in operating position, the springs keep the apron tight so debris from the heads doesn’t collect on top of the feederhouse.
  “It’s a simple debris solution and money well spent. I say that because in dry calm conditions, debris close to a foot deep can build up on top of a feederhouse in less than an hour. Sure a person can push it off, but most guys don’t and I admit I usually didn’t take the time, either. From a safety standpoint, that’s not a good practice because the tinder dry leaves and trash often work their way under the cab. There are oil lines and orbit motors and other hot stuff under there that could easily start a fire.
  “In addition to keeping trash off the top of the feederhouse, I noticed 3 other things that made me glad I bought it. Corn kernels and beans that used to land on top of the feederhouse instead landed on the vinyl. With a simple swipe of a gloved hand every couple hours they end up in the machine, not on the ground. Second, if there is a strong breeze, the apron cleans itself as I turn at the end of a field. Another plus I learned was that during the 2 times it rained and the combine sat outside, the tight apron funneled water into the head, not into the cracks, crannies and crevices of the feederhouse. For me the $349 was money well spent.” (www.wajohnson.com; ph 800 523-3979).
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