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Cut-Off Template Helps Make Uniform Fence Posts
Along with a couple of other volunteers, I was helping redo a fence around a local graveyard. We needed to set 36 4 by 4 posts to the same height. We also wanted the posts to be angled at the top to shed water. Since no one had a circular saw big enough to cut through the posts with one pass, I decided to make a jig to do the job with a reciprocating saw.
    I started by welding together two rectangular boxes big enough to fit over the posts, out of 1-in. sq. tubing. I bolted them together with washers between so there’s just enough room for a saw blade. The boxes are long enough to allow the blade to cut through without hitting the bolts that hold them together. The narrow slots keep the saw blade from wandering.
    To get the right angle, I bolted the template to a couple of short, angled 2 by 4’s and a piece of plywood that connects them. Then I attach the whole assembly to the post with a C-clamp. We snapped a chalk line along the outside of the posts to align the template.
    The idea cost me nothing, worked great, and the cuts came out very uniform. The new fence looks great.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Philip Whitmoyer, 236 Ziegler Road, Leesport, Penn. 19533 (ph 610 926-1014).

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