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Weighted Float Valve Built To Last
The next time the float valve in your livestock water tank fails, you should consider replacing it with a new type of valve - the Brown Weight Valve.
  The inventor, Garry Brown, developed the float when he purchased a dairy farm in Utah. He started selling it with a booth at a couple of farm shows. Currently he has customers all across the U.S., and the valves are available through Nasco (enasco.com) and Amazon. Customers range from livestock owners with small herds to some of the largest dairy operators in California, Arizona and New Mexico.
  What makes the Brown Weight Valve different is that the valve is spring-loaded closed until the water level goes down. Then the weight, a solid block of HDPE plastic that floats on the water surface, pushes the spring-loaded valve open to refill the trough. All metal parts are stainless steel, and the housing is a machined block of HDPE, and the weight is a solid brick of HDPE like the weight.
  Itís easy to install. Just remove the old float valve and install the weight valve. Brown adds that livestock owners who supply water to galvanized or rubber tanks with a hose can build a stand out of scrap metal to attach the valve to so they can move it to different tanks.
  Brown also offers the valve in 5 different sizes. The sizes range from 300 to 500 gph ($32) to 2,000 gph ($80). He also makes them with hanging weights for under water or other situations. In addition, he has a freeze-proof model.
  Brown emphasizes that he guarantees his valves for 5 years. At present he sells most of them directly to farmers. If you call, he can help order the right valves to fit your needs.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Garry Brown, 177 N. 400 W., Genola, Utah 84655 (ph 801 602-9910; www.brownweightvalve.com; wilgerbin@aol.com).

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