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“Kitty Hilton” A Home For Barn Cats
Jed Van Der Zwaag’s “Kitty Hilton” keeps cats warm in winter and keeps chickens out of their food. The old refrigerator’s insulated housing keeps them warm, and the big door makes it easy to replace food and water.
  “I had an old refrigerator I was scrapping out, and my wife suggested I use it for the cats,” says Van Der Zwaag. “I laid it on its back and cut a hole in the side near the former top. The divider between the freezer section and the refrigerator slid out, so the cats can access the complete interior.”
  The small access hole keeps most curious chickens out. Should they squeeze through, they don’t go much farther. Van Der Zwaag replaced the divider with a wire shelf and cut a hole in it also. The cats crawl through it to reach food, water and space to catch catnaps.
  “In the winter, I put a flood lamp with a 40 watt bulb inside the cat house,” says Van Der Zwaag. “It provides enough heat to always keep the interior at least at 60 degrees.”
  Van Der Zwaag and his family appreciate how easy the recycled frig is to clean. “If I need to, I can just flip it back on end and hose it out,” he says.
  A second, smaller refrigerator has found a new life as a dog food container. Van Der Zwaag says the airtight, insulated housing is ideal.
  “It was an old dorm refrigerator,” he says. “It keeps the food fresh and keeps out rodents.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jed Van Der Zwaag, 4091 Larch Ave., Hospers, Iowa 51238 (ph 712 441-2664; zwaag1@gmail.com).

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