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Water Jug Bird Feeder Looks Like A Pig
About 6 mo. ago FARM SHOW published a story about how reader John Dougoveto filled a large water jug with sunflower seeds and made a perch at one end using a chunk of stiff wire and a couple of radiator hose clamps.

    The feeder holds a lot of seed, and there’s a lot less waste because birds hop right inside to grab seeds.

    Bud Falkenstein recently sent photos of his own version of the water jug idea, which is decorated to look like a flying pig.

    Bud wrapped a wire coat hanger around the snout for a perch and a pair of light chains around the jug to hang it up.

    “I made a couple of these feeders and then took one down to my neighbor friend Henry, who operates a store with lots of customers,” says Bud. “Henry has an artistic employee who took the feeder home and decorated it to look like a pig. She also came up with the idea of cutting holes into the side so the birds have easy access to the feeder, as well as an escape route.”

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bud Falkenstein, 307636 Hockley Rd., Mono, Ontario, Canada L9W 6N1.

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