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Another 3-Pt. Yard Rake
“When I got my most recent FARM SHOW a few weeks ago I was really surprised to see the story about a 3-pt. yard rake built by David Owings. It’s almost identical to one that I built,” says William Garrett, Muncie, Ind.
  “We had a bad ice storm during the winter of 2005 and almost every tree in our yard had damage. The following spring we had so much brush, tree limbs and twigs on the ground that it would have taken a month to pick it all up.
  “My wife said we needed a giant rake to clean the mess up, so I built one using rubber-mounted teeth just like David Owings. I use it for lawn raking, dethatching, light landscape work, seedbed preparation, and incorporating lawn seed. However, most of the time I use it to maintain our gravel driveway. It rips the grass right out of the middle of the driveway. Of course, gravel is rough on the tips so they’ve worn down a bit.”  
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, William Garrett, 6850 E. Windsor Rd., Muncie, Ind. 47302 (wmgarrett229@att.net).

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