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Bale Turner Simplifies Handling
When big square balers discharge bales they lie flat on the ground, with the twine on the bottom. Some farmers who use mechanical equipment to pick up bales want them standing on edge for easier lifting and loading.
  Suffolk, England farmer and custom baler Derek Keeble created a simple solution. He built an 8-ft. long bale tray that extends behind a large square baler, supported by a heavy-duty log chain on one side. One side of the grate folds down so a bale is automatically set on edge in the field. The grate gate operates with a hydraulic cylinder that the baler operator controls from the tractor. A 4-in. spring-loaded deflector bar mounted to the side of the bale tray restricts the bale movement to 90 degrees and prevents it from flipping completely over.
  Keeble’s simple invention is designed for 3 by 4-ft. straw bales that he makes with his Massey Ferguson MF2170 baler. He says turning bales allows him to pick them up mechanically with a standard Heath bale chaser. Having them laying on their side increases the chaser’s capacity from 10 to 14 bales. Another benefit, Keeble says, is that bales laying on their side dry faster if exposed to rain in the field or in a completed stack. If he wants to use a loader rather than the chaser to pick up bales he can lock the folding gate in place so bales land flat the ground.
  Keeble’s invention was honored with the top award at the Inventive Farmer Competition at the 2014 Suffolk, England farm show. That competition attracts farm-built machinery and equipment from eastern Suffolk counties. Keeble and his family along with a handful of employees operate a contract baling, hedge cutting, vegetable covering and manure spreading business. They bale large, medium and small size squares and offer hauling and stacking services to several farm customers.
   Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Derek Keeble, DE Keeble Ltd., Blaxhall, Suffolk IP122DT, England (ph 01728 688688; www.dekeeble.co.uk).

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