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"Looped Hammers" Do Lots Of Different Jobs
“I thought your readers might be interested in my 2 patented ‘looped hammers’ that can be used for many different jobs such as pulling up large nails and screws, cotter pins, oil seals, dowel pins, and much more,” says Jerry Simmons, Montgomery, Texas.
   The “Hammer with Leverage Loop” is a steel claw hammer with comfort grip. A rainbow-shaped loop on the hammer head works great for pulling out nails and screws. The loop is flattened to prevent damage to wood when pulling out the nails. You can easily clip the hammer to a belt loop with a carabineer hook.
  “It pulls nails like nothing you’ve ever seen and is the perfect hammer for your everyday needs around the house,” says Simmons. 
  The “Hammer with Leverage Loop” comes with a carabineer and sells for $10 plus S&H.
   The “Multi-Purpose Handheld Tool” looks like a steel claw hammer but has a crows foot pry bar at the bottom in addition to the loop. “It works great for straightening or removing bent nails and screws, removing staples, twisting fence wire, and fastening or loosening binder straps, etc.,” says Simmons. “It can be used to pull pins and to straighten or remove cattle gate bolts. Or you can use it as a cheater bar for loosening lug nuts on tires, etc.”
  A removable fencing ring (supplied) can be used with the tool. The ring has a gap, which goes on under the head of the tool, and twists around and down to the bell-shaped part of the tool to grasp fence wire, barbed wire, cable and cords, etc. “With the ring in place, you put the wire through the gap, twist and pull the wire tight,” says Simmons. “ The loop can be used with a come-along to pull the wire, and can also be fitted over T-posts so you can straighten them out or pull them up.”
   The Multi-Purpose Hand Held Tool comes with the removable fencing ring and a carabineer. It sells for $20 plus S&H. Package deals are available:  Two Multi-Purpose Hand Held Tools sell for $30 plus S&H. A package with a Multi-Purpose Hand Held Tool and a Hammer with Leverage Loop sells for $25 plus S&H.
   Contact:  FARM SHOW Followup, Jerry Simmons (ph 936 851-2040; jerryrigintools@live.com; www.jerryrigintools.com). 

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