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Slick Way To Equip Mowers For Spraying
An amazingly simple gadget invented by Georgia farmer Henry Browning, of Quitman, makes it possible to convert your riding lawn mower into a multi-purpose spray rig for comparatively low cost.
Browning invented a screw-type coupler that's threaded on both ends and screws directly onto the threaded end of the crank-shaft on "no rope pull" lawn mower engines. You simply remove the existing nut, if there is one, from the top of the mower engine shaft and let the screw-on coupler serve as the new nut.
Screw a 4-roller Shaft Master pump, which develops 150-200 lbs. pressure, onto the top end of the coupler and you're in business the mower's crankshaft powers the pump, which develops up to 200 lbs. pressure. That's all you need -- the simple screw-on adaptor to couple the pump to the engine's crankshaft without having to monkey with any belts, chains, gears or other such modifications. You can buy the threaded coupler and 4-roller pump only ($139), or the complete sprayer with boom, hand-held gun and 12-gal. tank for $399.
"The new Shaft Master spray system gives you 3 to 5 times more pressure than most other lawn sprayers, plus it provides continuous agitation," Browning points out.
Used with the quick-couple hand gun (40 to 50 ft. range), the spray rig can be used to wash mildew off buildings, to spray trees, shrubs or flowers, or to fog mosquitoes and other insects.
The boom sprayer can be used to fertilize your lawn, or to apply lawn herbicides, insecticides or fungicides.
"The pump itself requires only about 1/2 hp. to drive," says Browning. "It'll adapt to most riding mowers, all other mowers powered by engines equipped with electric starters, or engines with a bottom-mounted rope pull starter."
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Shaft Master, P.O. Box 1065, Valdosta, Ga. 31603 (ph 912 247-6575).

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