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Springtime Hookup For Two Deere Tractors
When Loren Dengler decided he needed bigger tillage equipment on his farm near Rock Rapids, Iowa, he knew he'd need more horsepower than he had in either his Deere 4030 or 4020 tractor. He decided to join the two tractors together with a "spring-time hookup" that lets him pull big equipĦmentin the spring with two tractors and then split them apart again for planting, spraying, cultivating and all other work around his grain and livestock farm.
Key to success of Dengler's hookup is a strap iron frame that runs from the drawbar of the lead tractor to the drawbar of the trailing tractor. It bolts to both drawbars, transferring pull of both tractors directly to the implement. A heavy-duty crossbar fitĦted with a large ball hitch, bolts to the drawbar of the lead tractor between the 3-pt. hitch arms. The front axle of the trailing tractor is removed and the nose of the tractor is fitted to the ball hitch on the lead tractor.
Dengler uses the hydraulic system on the rear tractor to fold and unfold implements. Hydraulic lines from the lead tractor operĦate the clutch of the trailing tractor and set depth of the implement.
To operate, the trailing tractor is started and the throttle set at operating speed. Once the lead tractor is set into motion, both hydraulic controls are moved to engage the clutch on the rear tractor and to lower the implement. On turn arounds, the clutch on the rear tractor must be disengaged to keep it from pushing the lead tractor to the side.
Contact FARM SHOW Followup, Loren Dengler, Rt. 2, Box 195, Rock Rapids, Iowa (ph 712 472-2942).

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