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Pressurized Uphill Fuel Fill System
"I had trouble filling the fuel tank on my combine because it's mounted higher than my 300-gal. fuel storage tanks. I solved the problem by pressurizing the tanks so I could pump `uphill'," says John Bode, Hanska, Minn.
"I removed the 2-in. dia. filling cap on top of the storage tank and replaced it with a 2-in. dia. plastic plug. I drilled and tapped the plug and fitted it with a 3/8-in. dia. elbow attached to a 6-ft. long 3/8-in. dia. fuel line. The fuel line hangs down the side of the tank so I can reach it from the ground. I used a hose clamp to put a tire valve stem in the end of the hose.
"I put approximately 2 pounds of pressure in the tank to push gasoline up into the combine. When the combine tank is full, I just remove the valve stem so the storage tank is vented until next time. To fill the tank, I just remove the plastic plug. Works great."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John Bode, Rt. 2, Box 1, Hanska, Minn. 56041 (ph 507 439-6350).

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