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Wing Blade For ATV
"I added a wing blade to my 4-WD ATV so I could use it to plow a conventional width driveway," says Glen Severson, Troy, Idaho.
The front blade on Severson's Yamaha 350 ATV came from the factory, except that he added 2 in. to each side of the blade to increase overall width to 50 in. It raises and lowers manually. Angle can be adjusted by rope.
To mount his side wing blade, he welded four brackets to the bottom of the frame. To these pre-drilled brackets he bolted lengths of angle iron that provide a solid anchor to pin the front of the blade to. "One caution is that before welding, you should remove the two flexible oil lines that run through that area. I also put a wet blanket over the gas tank and vent," notes Severson.
To support the rear of the blade, he mounted a 2-in. pipe under the rear edge of the load rack with a 1 1/2 in. dia. pipe slipped inside and pinned. It extends out to the top edge of blade. To brace the lower edge of the blade, he used a 3/4-in. pipe.
The side blade is 551/2 in. long (made out of 1/8-in. thick steel) and extends out 30 1/2 in. wider than the wheels. The blade is tapered so it's 5 in. wider at the outer end than up close to the ATV. Ground clearance at the lower end of blade is 2 l/2 in. and 18 in. at the outer end. It doesn't lower to the ground.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Glen Severson, 3600 Hwy. 8, Troy, Idaho 83871 (ph 208 835-8162).

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