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Dual Camera System Mounts On Semi Trailer
An Ohio farmer’s near accident while trying to climb up the back of a semi truck grain trailer led to development of a dual camera, closed circuit camera system that he says works great.
  “After almost falling off an icy semi truck grain trailer while loading grain, I decided to install video cameras on front and back of the trailer with a monitor in the truck cab,” says Jim Case.
  He attached the cameras to 3/4-in. dia., telescoping metal conduit that extends 2 to 3 ft. above the top of the trailer. “The height allows me to view the loading process if dust happens to be blowing in the direction of the cameras,” says Case. “When I go on the road, I lower the rear camera and face it backward so I can see what’s going on behind me. Not only do the cameras make it safer to load grain in the winter, but I stay warm inside the truck cab.”
  Cords lead from the cameras up to the truck’s cab where the monitor is mounted. Case leaves the cords on the trailer permanently and uncouples them at the semi tractor.
  He says mounting cameras on semi trailers offers several benefits including “no more grain spills; after loading a few loads I can keep my load weights almost the same for every load; I can see anything or anyone behind me while backing up; and when backing up inside a building it’s easy to see how close I am to the rear wall.”
  Each camera-mounting bracket is welded to a pipe coupler at the top of the conduit. The bottom of the conduit is permanently attached to the trailer’s ladder, while the top part is free to slide up or down about 3 ft.
  He also attaches the same camera-mounting brackets to other implements, including grain carts and planters. “To switch cameras to another implement, I simply unplug the camera and slide it out of its bracket and into the bracket on the other implement.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jim Case, 2370 N. U.S. 23, Delaware, Ohio 43015 (ph 740 815-4528; casefarmsinc@gmail.com).

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