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He Likes His Battery-Powered Oregon Chainsaw
I had quit using chainsaws because of the noise and vibration, fuel mixing, hard starting, and safety issues. My new battery-powered Oregon saw eliminates all these problems. It works flawlessly and sharpens itself.
  I use it mainly for light work, such as cutting saplings in roadside ditches. Most of the trees are 2 to 3 in. in diameter, and this saw cuts through them really fast. I bought the saw equipped with the standard battery. At just 11.2 lbs. its easy to reach up and prune branches.
  Ive also used the saw to cut down trees 6 to 8 in. in diameter. Of course, when you cut through bigger diameter trees you have to charge the battery more often. But for 2-in. dia. trees and limbing a tree this saw can really rip along.
  How long the saw will cut depends on how sharp the chain is and how hard the wood. I cant say that Ive timed it, but running time hasnt been a problem. The battery pack has a charge check LED panel, which is really handy. Press a button, and one to four lights show how much charge remains.
  Safety is a big advantage. I trim trees along hilly ditches and roads where its easy to trip and stumble through underbrush, and this saw is so easy and safe to handle that I refuse to use anything else. I can walk along without having to pull a cord instead, I just push a button.
  The chainsaw is equipped with a PowerSharp built-in sharpener, which I really like. You engage the sharpener with the electric motor running full bore, and in only about 5 seconds the saw is back running.
  I paid $400 for the saw, which at the time I thought was quite a bit. But its a high quality saw and was worth every penny.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Eugene Loge, 11799 1st St. S.E., Cooperstown, N. Dak. 58425 (ph 701 797-2132; ghloge@gmail.com).

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