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Weed Sprayer Mounted On Mower Deck
James Matthews came up with a nifty way to do two jobs at once. The King, N.C., farmer mounted a 10-gal. tank and pump on a wheeled steel frame that attaches on front of his Graveley zero-turn riding mower. It lets him spray weeds with herbicides along buildings and driveways as he mows his lawn.
  “I can spray weeds by activating a nozzle about 1 1/2 ft. outside the mower’s left front caster wheel, or I can use a handheld wand,” says Matthews, whose Gravely is fitted with a 50-in. deck.
  The electric sprayer is built in 2 parts. One part is a metal subframe that holds the tank, electric pump, a coiled-up 15-ft. long hose, and a wand. The other part is a 4-wheeled metal “dock” that’s used to hold the subframe and position it for attachment to the deck, which rides on a pair of big caster wheels. Male plugs on the dock fit into female sockets on the subframe and are pinned together. The subframe is contained inside a pivoting mechanism that’s controlled by a vertical, spring-loaded metal rod attached to a horizontal bar on one side of the dock.
  To attach the sprayer, Matthews pushes the dock up close to the deck and then presses down on the bar to lift the subframe up about a half inch, enough to clear brackets above the axle that supports the deck’s caster wheels. Then he releases the bar to let the subframe down into place on top of the brackets, inserts a pair of metal pins into existing holes in the brackets, and backs the dock away.
  Clamp Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, James Matthews, 1802 Slate Rd., King, N.C. 27021 (ph 336 969-6675; mortar42v@aol.com).

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